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CSR brings prosperity to farmers’ Livelihood

Khmer Times: November 23, 2021

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a commitment and practice within Amru Rice. It is the core ethic that guides our long-term interests for integrating economic, social and environmental impacts to our operations and helping out poor smallholder farmers in the process, as partners. CSR is our “everyday business” and we are strengthening this framework at the local level through contract farming with local farms on a sustainable agriculture partnership; through food standards certification model; through fair trade, and by multiple-stakeholder platform that draws in government incentives to poverty reduction, health, and nutritional status of smallholder Cambodian food producers.

Amru Rice’s CEO, Mr. Song Saran.

In 2021, Amru Rice renewed and expanded its contract farming agreement to now 82 Agricultural Cooperatives (AC) across Cambodia that directly benefited almost 10,000 farmer’s households, including indigenous people and poor farmers in the remote upland areas with very limited access to market.

Cambodian economic progress should be inclusive, with “No One Left Behind.” Our proven approach supports disadvantaged people by improved farmer livelihood through incentive price for organic rice, empowering farmers’ capacity, and productivity by 20% and raising income by 50% more than the normal conventional practices.

The producer cooperatives in contract farming gain market sustainability and profit, while trained on soft skills and practical skills on organic standards, internal audit systems and financial and institutional records and management. Amru’s contract farming model creates positive systemic change by phasing out the greedy middle-men traders, growing certified safe foods and promoting sustainable agriculture that is climate smart, resilient, and eco-friendly. Rising numbers of farmer partners in this endeavour is proof of this positive systemic change.

Amru Rice installed solar energy in its storage warehouse in Kampong Thom province to help reduce greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. The company contributed 100 million riels to the National Committee for Disaster Management for seed distribution to 6650 famer’s households affected by flood in 2020 in Kampong Thom province. It provided a Rehabilitation Support Fund to 1000 households in 11 villages affected by flood and COVID19 to enable them to restore their income; each family received 5 kgs of rice, a box of fish can, and 120,000 Riels.

Amru Rice donated 150 liters of alcohol, 50,000 masks, 100 boxes of noodles, 12 cases of dried fish and 5 tons of rice from the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) to IDPoor households of Kampong Cham in May 2021 and rice and food supports for 6 months to 300 students at a primary school in Otdar Meanchey Province in November 2021.  For promoting ethical business as a beneficial concept in the agriculture sector, Amru Rice is officially awarded “CRS’s Excellence Award” from AmCham on November 16, 2021. “The AmCham Award to Amru  is not solely a corporate achievement, but a victory of our farmer suppliers who are moving forward the AMRU Rice Company’s CSR Plan of Action “ said Amru Rice’s CEO, Song Saran.

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