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Rice and agricultural exports to Australia to increase after COVID-19

In an interview with BTV on November 8, Mr. Song Saran, President of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) and also CEO of Amru Rice, expressed his delight and congrats for the Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne’s visit to Cambodia, where he positively hopes that trade and investment relations with Australia will be increased, support the agriculture’s development and increase opportunities to export Cambodian agricultural products to the Australian market.

He mentioned that : “In Australia, where we (Cambodia) have been stepped in the market for a year, we have learned a lot about the safety standard system. From the private sector’s perspective, we are ready to increase our production for export to Australia accordingly upon the demand.”

On behalf of Cambodian farmers, he also requested that: “I urge Australian investors to increase investment in food processing, agriculture, agro-industry, and increase the purchase of Cambodian rice, especially Phka Romduol variety, the number 1 premium rice, so that we (private sector) can help the farmers who grow this aromatic rice.”

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