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Technical support provided to farmers

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  • Title : Technical support provided to farmers
  • Category : Technical support
  • Date Post : 20 July, 2020

Technical support provided to farmers

Farming technicians doing soil-testing to establish the type of soil, acidity, nutrients and measure for nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous (NPK) content; this helps farmers to determine the appropriate fertilizer mix. Farmer extension services are also provided for seeds selection, organic fertilizer process, pest and disease management, water management and mitigation and efficient post-harvest technologies. This is usually done in partnership with agriculture technicians of the local government and partner NGOs.

Project in 2018

In 2018, Amru Rice reported a revenue of over USD45 million – an increase of 16% compared to total exports value of 2017. This increase was due to a rise in the volume of organic products exported, sustained value, diversification through SRP rice exports and optimizing new markets.

Revenue generated from overseas markets (as a percentage of total revenue)
In 2018 85%
In 2017 80%
In 2016 83%
In 2015 81%

In the last seven years, Amru made great progress in diversifying the geographical sources of our revenue. We made considerable investments in opening routes to international markets that were challenging or resource-intensive. In 2018, we gained inroads into the China market.

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