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Congratulations on successfully certified of organic rice samples from quality lab test

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  • Title : Congratulations on successfully certified of organic rice samples from quality lab test

Amru Rice is delighted to announce that the organic rice samples collecting from rice field of the 6 Agricultural Cooperatives (ACs) in Koh Nhek district, Mondulkiri provinces are successfully certified as organic standard. The 6 ACs has been contracted with Amru Rice to supply the organic rice, in which the varieties including Pka Rumdoul, Red Jasmine, and premium white rice (Neang Ok, Neang Om). The 6 ACs have a total of 144 members, with the rice cultivation area of ​​791 hectares, and the expected yield will be 2,375 tons in this November.

After sending the organic rice samples for testing in the laboratory in the Netherlands for a week, Control Union, an independent company, or so-called third party, that worked on inspection the quality of the collected organic rice samples by getting directly from the field, officially informed Amru Rice earlier this week that all organic rice samples are successfully complied with EOS / EU and NOP organic standards and the company would provide the certificates.

The inspection of the organic rice quality is to control the implementation of the AC’s member on Pest and Disease, herbicide input application, water irrigation or water flow, yield estimation, rice storage, transportation, rice drying, traceability system, rice packing material, and procurement of rice paddy selling-buying. All input and material use and activities have to comply with the internal rule and organic standard of EOS/EU and NOP Standard.

Recently, the United Nation’s global reporting has release a report emphasizing the challenges of rice farming in Cambodia. The report also stated that organic products have the potential to increase farmer revenue.

Oknha Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice has given an interview to Khmer Times that

while Cambodia’s market share for organic products has remained static, local smallholders earn more on the implementation of sustainable models. Currently, there are more than 20,000 tonnes of organic paddy which could be processed into about 10,000 tonnes of rice. Some 90 percent of organic rice is exported to the international market.

“We have partnered with them so they will not suffer and give up farming but if we don’t help them, they will not be able to escape poverty, that why we are trying to provide them with a chance to diversify their crops beyond rice and encourage them to move into organic products.”  Oknha Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice.

The Organic rice project of Amru Rice is one of the projects under the Rice TechCambodia (RTC). Rice TechCambodia (RTC) is a public-private initiative with the aim to enhance the organic rice value chain in Cambodia leading to inclusive growth for small scale rice farmers. The partners involved in Rice TechCambodia include Sano Rice, Amru Rice, and Oxfam in Cambodia, Development and Partnership in Action (DPA), Larive International, and the Provincial Department of Agriculture of Mondulkiri. This project is getting support in the grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (NEA) under the framework of “Social Development Goals Partnership Facility” (SDGP).

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