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Amru Rice Cambodia Co., Ltd is the largest producer and exporter of organic rice from Cambodia. We source, process and export rice that is organic or sustainably produced according to international certification standards.

We conduct our business with strong ethical values aligned with corporate social responsibility. We embrace sustainable practices in the production phase by investing in farmers along the supply chain and providing them with education and financial security. We work closely with various Agricultural Cooperatives (AC) throughout Cambodia in a carefully crafted contract farming format that improves farmers’ livelihoods and brings positive social change to the communities we work with.

Saran and his brother venture the trading rice companies led by Muny Khy, Saran’s wife, and his brothers. The company established to promote the export of the Cambodian rice as per government policy and EBA access to Europe market. Saran fully joined as CEO of the company in 2012 and expanding the company to global rice export players – transforming to contract farming and export of the heathy rice to the world and launched the diverse markets, including Malaysia, China, the European Union (EU), Africa and North America. The company has become a key factor in the foreign market for Cambodian rice millers. Amru Rice is still very active in all these markets except for Africa; in 2015, the company focused on organic rice and sustainable fragrant rice as well as investing infrastructure for high end food safety standard for Europe, USA, China, and Asia Pacific market.



Our business model is not unique – we market high-end food products made in a cost-efficient supply chain. However, our efficiency is pursued in a culture of good. Corporate social responsibility is a core ethical value at Amru Rice and functions as our business platform. We work relentlessly to make a difference in the local communities in Cambodia and give back to every community we do business with.

We believe that trade firms need to be more responsible, to see and go beyond competitive advantage, market value and financial performance. Good business should translate into more inclusive, more human and more sustainable progress. A fairer trade needs leader from all sectors who are ready to champion responsible business conduct and fair competition. Amru Rice commits to this goal.

We are fully dedicated to every single rice grain and customers.

To serve and deliver to our customers worldwide the best professional services & quality products as well as to be a devoted good corporate citizen.

  • Challenge: Meet the challenge of global change.
  • Harmony: Diversified culture change within the spirit of teamwork and innovation.
  • Quality: Unique seal of quality with efficient organization.
  • Trust: Build the culture of mutual trust and integrity to be sustainable and responsible.

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