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Amru Rice and the access to finance for agriculture’s development

In the interview with the United States Embassy in Cambodia regarding the Indo-Pacific Biz Forum, organized on 28-29 October 2021, Mr. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice Cambodia shared the significance benefits from the access to finance for rice mills factory, specifically on the US-standard silo rice storage system that can store up to 3,000 tons of rice at a time.

In the interview, he said that : “Our main business is agriculture- with rice as our top priority. We have chosen Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) as our investment partner for our business growth and expansion. I joined the Indo-Pacific Forum since 2019. I gained a lot of experience from our network and learned a great deal about financing policies from our international business partners, particularly from the Indo-Pacific region. It is an opportunity to strengthen our businesses to be more competitive in the future. I would like to recommend you, especially Cambodian entrepreneurs who are interested in strengthening and expanding their businesses, to contact the Ex-Im bank of the United States for the access to low-interest loans to grow your business and exports.”

During the field visit of Amru Rice Mill factory in Battambong in January 2022, US Ambassador of Cambodia, H.E. W. Patric Murphy, expressed his strong interest in the Amru Rice production chain and, in particular, the good cooperation between the company and the United States, as a result and symbolic demonstrated through the Silo of US standard technology from the loan of Ex-Im Bank.

We are very proud of Amru Rice, as Amru is the first agricultural company to have access to a loan from the United States Export-Import Bank. Amru is a role model. Hopefully other companies will be able to capture the same.

US Ambassador of Cambodia, H.E. W. Patric Murphy said during the visit to Amru Rice Mill factory in Battambong in January 2021

Click here to watch the video interview: https://web.facebook.com/us.embassy.phnom.penh/videos/1283968455349720/

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