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Annual audit of Amru Rice on organic quality standards

Annual quality control of organic standards from external audit firms is a part of Amru Rice’s key strategy commitment to purchase organic rice from Agricultural Cooperatives with as much as quantities that comply with the quality standards, safety, and export quality.

For this 2021 audit plan, from 13 to 23 September 2021, Amru Rice will start implementing and cooperating with ECOCERT auditing company to inspect the quality of organic rice in accordance with European and US standards (EOS / EU and NOP Regulation) through the evaluation (audit) on the organic fields of farmers, mills and processing and packaging for export of the company.

The inspection and evaluation by the audit firm consists of key activities such as document review, interviews (with relevant staff, farmers and ACs), on-site inspections (fields, storage, processing at rice mill factory in Kampong Thom, Battambang, Kampong Cham and packaging factories in Phnom Penh).

The inspection of the organic rice quality is to control the implementation of the AC’s member on Pest and Disease, herbicide input application, water irrigation or water flow, yield estimation, rice storage, transportation, rice drying, traceability system, rice packing material, and procurement of rice paddy selling-buying. All input and material use and activities have to comply with the internal rule and organic standard of EOS/EU and NOP Standard.

In order to ensure long-term business cooperation in partnership, all stakeholders, especially the ACs and farmers, must manage all stages of organic rice production in accordance with organic standards.

It should also be noted that Amru Rice started cooperating with the ACs through contract farming in 2013, starting with 500 smallholder farmers on the production and supply of organic rice. As of this 2021, Amru Rice represents nearly 80 percent of contract farming in Cambodia’s rice sector in collaboration with 10,000 farmers. Women account for about 50 percent of all farmers that Amru Rice cooperates with through contract farming.

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