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Online Discussion on “Promoting the support of Cambodian products”

On September 25, 2021, Mr. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice Cambodia, participated as a speaker in the virtual discussion on “Promoting​​ the support of Cambodian products”. This is important to share the on-going effort in the processing of Cambodian products, both agricultural products and other products, with quality and safety standards, and unique features to increase the reputation and support of Cambodian products, both domestically and for export.

Today’s talk was hosted by We Mall Cambodia via online, and in addition to Mr. Song Saran, there was also the honorary participation of H.E. Dr. Sok Touch, President of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, and Mr. Chy Sila, Co-Founder of Khmer Fresh Milk ( kirisu).

Mr. Song Saran shared his positive views on the uniqueness of Cambodian products through Amru Rice’s export experience, which enabled him to learn about consumer behavior. In addition to exports, Amru Rice also has a strategy to expand Cambodian products locally, emphasizing: “We need to look at the capabilities and resources that we can have for competition. Consumers are eager to support because our products are of high quality, safe and environmentally friendly.”

The online discussion also received input of key prospects from the three distinguished speakers, hoping to capitalize on paving the way for the uniqueness of Cambodian products and growth with the sustainable consumer support, not just a one-day, one-month or one-year effort, but one that takes time to move forward and prepare for the challenge of development .

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