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Virtual Webinar “Dynamism of SEA: Toward an Innovative and Entrepreneurial ASEAN”

We are very pleased to see the fruitful outcome of the yesterday enthusiastic virtual webinar within the topic of “Dynamism of SEA: Toward an Innovative and Entrepreneurial ASEAN”, organized by The Young SEAkers Cambodian Chapter, in which Mr. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice, joint as a guest speakers in this distinguish discussion.

“To become entrepreneur, we have to talk about value and vision. We don’t see short term. We look at long term and sustainable. We take risk, we take opportunity. That’s why it’s come up with innovation. It’s not about only create sth new. It’s about how we combine thing in ecosystem,” said by Mr. Song Saran, and in short, innovation for him is creativity, connectivity in ecosystem, and technology.

He also shared his views on the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship with sustainable growth, emphasizing that young people considered as the key players in the future of entrepreneurship, so that they should seek for broader knowledge regarding the government policy while practically in Cambodia, the Royal Government strives to create a business inclusive environment and promote digital through the establishment of the Digital Economy and Social Policy Framework 2021-2035. He sees this as an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to learn more about opportunities and adaptation to develop their capabilities or re-model their business to fit with the trend, especially in the context of COVID19.

He said: “We don’t wait.  Covid-19 cannot stop us. Entrepreneurs have to understand the policy and take opportunity for going forward with the business. Government also work very hard on innovation. Cambodia just launch the digital mapping. So entrepreneurs must know about that and don’t forget to upgrade yourself and be ready with that. It could be remodel business, create opportunity or chance for success. Entrepreneurs also need to look at the ecosystem related to government, organization, company, customers. This is the very good chance for success. We also should look up to 660 Million people in ASEAN as the potential, not only just the 16 million in Cambodia.”

Finally, Mr. Song Saran also mentioned the opportunities for digital commerce, focusing on agriculture, as this sector is the backbone of economic development and also the least affected by COVID-19.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have become major significances to local and regional development. One cannot ignore the role these two actors play in providing and improving social and digital transformation. In ASEAN, this sector plays role in both boosting regional development, economic growth, but most importantly, human connection and youth development. It is clearly seen that young people in ASEAN are starting to actively engage in social innovation and building themselves entrepreneurship skills, not only for self-development but in turn, contribute to social development. In this sense, an Innovative and Entrepreneurial ASEAN should be the next focus of this rapidly growing region. Hence, this webinar was involved the distinguish speakers to share their insights on this topic.

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