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“My vision is to let the world know about Cambodian agricultural products” Amru Rice’s CEO message to all the future agri-enterpreneurs

On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, Mr. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice Cambodia, has given the motivation speech and sharing his more than a decade experiences in agriculture in the Official Launching of the Incubation for batch 1 of the Enterprise Agricultural Cooperative Incubation Programme (EACIP) organized by Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA), in which Mr. Song Saran is one of the co-chair of CPSA.

This Enterprise Agricultural Cooperative Incubation Programme (EACIP) is the program implemented by CPSA, with the financial support from Khmer Enterprise (KE). This program aims to bring attention and participation from youth in agriculture and also to build their entrepreneurship in the agricultural cooperative. 

Mr. Song Saran said that in order for a business to run properly and sustainably, the farmers and entrepreneurs must consider the value of their business, rather than just looking at profit. He said that the value of the business that entrepreneurs must have is to see the problem as an opportunity and finding solutions or any innovative ways in line with current needs and strengthen the productivity of their products.

He also explained that farmers are producers and the one who start their own businesses, so it is necessary to strengthen productivity and increase product standards. The market share takes time to learn more about what the current needs are. At the same time, farmers also need to grow crops in line with government policy, as there is a high market demand that allows farmers to expand their business.

We are farmers, we are entrepreneurs. So we have to grow crops according to government policy, do not believe non-based reason quickly, and do not make decisions without a clear basis. We have to look at the policy and the direction. In addition, farmers also need to come together as a group or community to discuss, share information and find opportunities, because it is also part of promoting their business

said Mr. Song Saran, recommended to all farmers to develop themselves to become entrepreneurs.

​For detail information’s regarding the incubation program please go to CPSA’s website: https://cpsa-growasia.org/en/%E1%9E%80%E1%9E%98%E1%9F%92%E1%9E%98%E1%9E%9C%E1%9E%B7%E1%9E%92%E1%9E%B8%E1%9E%94%E1%9E%8E%E1%9F%92%E1%9E%8F%E1%9E%BB%E1%9F%87%E1%9E%92%E1%9E%BB%E1%9E%9A%E1%9E%80%E1%9E%B7%E1%9E%85%E1%9F%92%E1%9E%85/

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