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Amru Rice toward the path of improving indigenous people’s right toward the organic rice production

Amru Rice would like to say congratulates the International day of Indigenous People on August 09, 2021, by Amru Rice’s CEO, Mr. Song Saran, in the documentary video “No One is Left Behind”, produced by the NGO Forum on Cambodia.

Mr. Saran has shared the experience of the implementation regarding rice sector from the private perspective on the integration of the indigenous peoples in Cambodia, specifically on the encouragement the participation of indigenous peoples in the inclusive business model on agriculture. Indigenous people play the very vital role in the development of safe (organic) agricultural products and sustainable, and also be a part of building the image of Cambodia at the international market, in which most of Cambodian organic rice has exported to EU Markets. In 2020, organic rice exporting to EU markets reached 9,500 tons in 2020 as top 4, in which more than 90% of the overall organic rice export are exported by Amru Rice Cambodia.

In addition, Amru Rice’s CEO also shared his views on promoting the movement to support and integrate indigenous peoples in sustainable and equitable development in accordance with the policies of the Royal Government and technical support from national and international organizations, and one of the most important thing in creating an inclusive business environment for indigenous peoples is the internal factors, mainly the readiness to participate and improve the capacity of indigenous peoples themselves.  

Click here to see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuFkL_JVcxI&list=UU84Vy6_Jirn65MU-a0ZeclA

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