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AMRU Rice donated materials and Food to Kampong Cham Provincial Administration for people affected by COVID-19

Once again, in this 2021, Amru Rice is still continuing to strongly participate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work activities to help alleviate the burden on the Royal Government as well as contribute to the needy and affected people of the COVID-19, especially in Kampong Cham province, by the donation of materials on May 1, 2021, including 150 liters of alcohol, 50,000 masks, 100 boxes of noodles, 12 cases of fish, in addition to 5 tons of rice from the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) to the Kampong Cham provincial administration, in which Amru Rice represented by Mr. Song Sarith, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amru Rice and General Manager of Amru Rice Company, and on behalf of the Board of Governors of Kampong Cham Province, which is highly presented by H.E. Un Chanda, Governor of Kampong Cham Province and H.E. Khlot Phorn, Chairman of Kampong Cham Provincial Board of Directors, as te representatives to receive donation from Amru Rice today.

Amru Rice hopes that the donation given to Kampong Cham Provincial Administration today, although it’s not the huge contribution, but it will also show the contribution to alleviate the living expenses of the people and to enable them to protect themselves from COVID-19 by obey the Royal Government’s “3 Do, and 3 Don’t”, while the COVID-19 is still protracted, the food is very essential for the people to live. In addition, recently, Amru Rice also contributed 5 tons of rice in CRF’s campaign to gather the participation of members of CRF and CRF also brought the 100 Tons of rice donating to the Executive Committee to manage and Lead the Implementation of the Lockdown.

In 2020, Amru Rice also brought the 10t of rice donation to Kampong Cham provincial administrative for sharing to people in need and affected by COVID-19 in this province as well.

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