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Amru in the context of Cooperate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Cooperate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is a management concept where companies integrate social and environmental concern. CSR is a relatively new concept in Cambodia. The majority of businesses and stakeholders are still not fully aware of the strategic importance of CSR as a tool to increase competitiveness at both the organizational and industry levels. Only careful deployment of CSR principles can facilitate and guide the sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth of Cambodia by boosting the competitiveness of existing sectors as well as by opening up new markets and opportunities, this is according to CSR Platform Cambodia.

Amru is a member of the CSR Platform Cambodia, advocating with investors a shift towards impact-investing that complement public resources and philanthropy in addressing poverty challenges.

Indeed, Amru group’s business is also conducted with strong ethics by embracing CSR and investing with farmers on Organic Rice and SRP Rice concept. We work closely with various Associations of Cooperatives throughout the country in carefully crafted contract farming format to also improve livelihood of our farmers along the supply chain.

Amru has partnered with Ofxam Cambodia on the CSR activities to further enhance the capacity of women and men smallholder farmers in Cambodia. The project is to train farmers in organic rice production and support these farmers in negotiating for fair contracts. Ofxam mentioned Amru as one of the CSR Platform member that has been at the forefront of working with communities for quite some time already.

The company buys rice directly from farmers and helps farmers sell their products to other markets.

Oxfam Cambodia

Nhem Thangcheng, organic rice production manager at Amru Rice, quoted by the Ofxam that :

it is our social responsibility to help farmers increase their income and improve their quality of life.

The signing ceremony on contract farming of Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) production between AMRU Rice (Cambodia) company and 22 Agricultural Cooperatives (ACs)

For village resident Chu Meta, also quoted that :

Amru is important for farmers like me because it brings our products to the market and helps us get a good price for them.

Meta also noted that the project is beneficial to women, in general, as it helped them understand more about rice production than before.

Besides the direct and indrect benefits to communities, Amru also takes part in CSR in various activities such as considering on the environment in the areas where the milling and processing factories operated by the standard of SDGs goals, one of the recent outcome is the solar energy installing on the rooftop of storage warehouse at the Amru rice factory in Kampong Thom province. The use of renewable energy (solar energy) is not as polluting as the use of coal; this renewable energy will help reduce greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. More Over, in 2020, Amru also takes part in direct donating to people in need, especially the farmers impacted by the COVID19, and floods.

Amru’s business consistently passed yearly audit for CSR and Fair Trade Compliance. We are a pioneer platform for private-public-producer-partnership (4Ps). We bring in development partners to enable farmers to promote eco-friendly technologies and to access to technical, financial and trade assistance. We strive for quality products made from efficient management systems.

The solar installed on the roof of Amru rice mills warehouse storage in Kampong Thom
Tree planting and community clean day
Amru Participation in the fight against COVID 19 by donating 10 tons of rice to Kampong Cham Provincial Hall
Amru Rice Donated 100 Million Riels to Buy rice Seed for Famers Affected By Flood
Donation To 1000 Households Affected By Flood And COVID19 In Pursat Province

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