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Amru in CSR activity- donation to 1000 households affected by flood and COVID19 in Pursat Province

At the Pursat provincial stadium, on January 28, 2021, 1000 households affected by flood and COVID19 from 11 villages of Pursat city, Kondeang district, and Bakan district, have received a Rehabilitation Support Fund with the help from Amru Rice and Oxfam and Srae Khmer Organization to enable people to re-store their income and increase income; in which each family received 5 kg of rice, a box of fish can, and 120,000 Riels.

Mr. Song Sarith, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Amru Rice Company, participated in this event with the presence of representatives of partner organizations (Oxfam and Srae Khmer), Local Authorities, Provincial Disaster Management Committee, Provincial Deputy Governor, District Governor, Chief Commune Chief, and 1,000 families.

Mr. Say Socheat, Deputy Governor, Representative of HE Mao Thunin, Governor of Pursat Province, addressed the gathering and thanked the organizations and Amru Rice company for distributing food and budget to 1,000 families of Pursat City, Kandieng District, and Bakan district, which has been affected by floods in the past. The provision of food and funding has been delayed so far due to the late Covid 19 crisis, however, organizations and company are still trying to provide even small donations, respecting the advice from the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia in facilitating the livelihood of the people in the province.

Amru has partnered with Ofxam Cambodia on the CSR activities to further enhance the capacity of women and men smallholder farmers in Cambodia. The project is to train farmers in organic rice production and support these farmers in negotiating for fair contracts.

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