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US Ambassador’s Visit to Amru Rice Factory in Battambang

Amru Rice is honored and pleased to receive the visit of US Ambassador of Cambodia, H.E. W. Patric Murphy on Tuesday afternoon, January 19, 2021 at Amru Rice factory, Battambang Branch, the first rice mill in Cambodia having a US-standard silo rice storage system that can store up to 3,000 tons of rice at a time, with a total financing of about half a million dollars, the loan from Exim Bank of the United States in 2019.

In addition to a brief presentation on Amru Rice by Mr. Kan Kunthy, Vice president of Amru Rice, Mr. Song Saran, President of Amru Rice expressed his thankfulness to the US Ambassador for visiting the Amru Rice factory in Battambang and introduced silo features of this US product as a guarantee of quality standards and expanded quality and competitive storage capacity.

“The American standard is called the gold standard, so we believe that American technology will drive AMRU to investment success as well as support the entire rice supply chain,” Mr. Song saran said. In addition, he also highlighted the financing that the company received from the United States to equip this Silo rice storage system, which is a sign that the United States has been seriously considering the Cambodian agricultural sector, especially the rice sector.

The Ambassador has a strong interest in the Amru Rice production line and, in particular, the good cooperation between the company and the United States, as a result and symbolic demonstrated through this Silo, US standard technology.

“We are very proud of Amru Rice, as Amru is the first agricultural company to have access to a loan from the United States Export-Import Bank,” said by US ambassador. He added that “Amru is a role model. Hopefully other companies will be able to capture the same.” Moreover, on behalf of the United States, the Ambassador stated that the United States is willing to support Cambodia as well as cooperate in ensuring prosperity and sustainability, especially in the agricultural sector.

As a plan to move forward to further strengthen and grow the rice sector, Amru’s president sees the importance of providing credit and support to various funds that can support the production of rice that can be sold in exportable, including post-harvest techniques, warehousing (via Silo) and the expansion of the US market through the support of the Royal Government and through the display of Cambodian agricultural products at the fair.He hopes that the American people will know and recognize the quality of Cambodian rice more widely.

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