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Interview with Apsara TV on the overview of Amru Rice exports in 2020 and the direction for following years

On January 11, 2021, Amru Rice is honored and pleased to receive an interview with Apsara TV on an overview of Amru Rice’s rice exports in 2020, as well as Amru Rice’s main activities in the Cambodian rice sector.

Mr. Kan Kunthy, Vice President of Amru Rice Company, gave a detailed interview to the reporters that Amru exported rice to around 40 countries all over the world including European Union, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc. The exports volume reached 53,000 tonnes, up 10 percent from 2019, despite Cambodia’s drought in July, floods in October and rising shipping costs at the end of the year. This is a sign of significant positives for Amru Rice exports in 2020.

Mr. Kann Kunthy emphasized to reporters that Amru Rice is still focusing on the export rice market more than the domestic market, especially on organic and sustainable rice (SRP), which we have been working to strengthen and expand the contract farmings with Agricultural Cooperatives (AC), in which as a result, in 2020, Amru Rice has contracted with nearly 60 ACs, and we purchased paddy directly from those ACs in the amount of nearly 50,000 tons, and in addition to the market demand for Amru Rice exports, we also purchased rice from nearly 30 partner mills.

Mr. Kunthy said that Amru Rice plans to increase exports by 20 percent in 2021. In the interview, he also highlighted the background of Amru Rice, that is, Amru Rice was established in 2011. This 2021 is the 10th anniversary of the company. Amru have 3 rice mill factories located in Phnom Penh, Battambang and Kampong Thom. The mill in Phnom Penh is focused on packaging, Battambang is focused on sustainable rice contracts and Sen Kra Ob (SKO), and the mill in Kampong Thom is focused on organic rice. Regarding the capacity of drying at the factory of Amru Rice, Battambang province can dry 350 tons per day and the storage capacity is 20,000 tons at a time (can be stored 2 to 3 times a year). For the factory in Kampong Thom province, the capacity of drying is 1,500 tons per day and can store 50,000 tons at a time.

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