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Amru’s Journey overview in 2020

“Year 2020 is the toughest time of which our journey was impacted by safeguard measure enforced by EU in 2019, COVID19 pandemic, natural disaster such as drought and flood, and shipping & freight crisis in last quarter of 2020. We are one of the leading rice exporter, proud of serving the world to provide the food security in the region as well as the world.”

Amru Rice CEO, Song Saran

Today, to conclude how our 2020 journey, and for welcome 2021, we have brought back some of our key events/ activities in 2020.

11 January 2020 : “Trea Planting and Community Clean Day”

Tree planting and community clean day had been done with smile. At the same day Company had signed on organic Cashewnut contract farming with 4 agriculture cooperatives to collect and buy in the upcoming harvest time. We engage Market chain and supply chain together to make sustainable way to grow all together. https://web.facebook.com/amrurice/posts/1184899551699756

21 February 2020: First Sustainable Rice Summit 2020

On Friday 21 February 2020, in Siem Reap Province, the first Sustainable Rice Summit, co-organized by Amru Rice, CACC, and Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), has brought together 180 representatives from agricultural cooperative, rice millers, and related stakeholders.

With the main theme “Strengthening Agricultural Cooperatives in Cambodia”, this event is organized some important panelist discussion sessions on such topic as “ Supporting Cooperatives, Access to Finance through Digital Platform & Innovations ” , “Access to Finance for smallholder farmer”, “ Sustainable Rice Value Chain in Cambodia & the way of moving forward ” , and “Building Inclusive and Sustainable Rice Value Chain ”, which benefits to participants, especially to those who from agricultural cooperatives. https://web.facebook.com/cambodiaricefederation/posts/2876748319057033

24 February 2020: Ambassador Kang visits Amru Rice Milling Facility in Battambang province

On 24 February, Ambassador Kang met the CEO of Amru Rice, Song Saran, and representatives of 1,500 farmers who grow fragrant and sustainable rice in Battambang province.

Amru exports rice to over 40 countries, including Australia. Each week, Amru, in conjunction with Australian partner SunRice, exports over 30 containers of milled rice to Australia. https://web.facebook.com/AustralianEmbassyPhnomPenh/posts/2540000522933893

11 April 2020: Participation in the fight against COVID 19 by donating 5 tons of rice to Kampong Thom Provincial Hall


12 April 2020: Participation in the fight against COVID 19 by donating 10 tons of rice to Kampong Cham Provincial Hall


April 2020: Amru Rice distributes rice to staff at all rice mills


16 April 2020: Amru & fighting COVID19 at the international stage

On request from private firms in Finland to ship 10 containers of fragrant rice over the weekend to help the families of the COVID 19 in Finland, AMRU Rice Cambodia has agreed to produce and to ship on request following with special price. https://web.facebook.com/amrurice/posts/1258461347676909

28 April 2020: Amru Rice donated rice to a school facing hardship during COVID19 in Siem Reap

Having seen the hardship of Bayon School, Amru has donated rice as part of our CSR and Goodwill during COVID 19 Pandemic. Hopefully, we can contribute and minimize the burden to the 250 families of childrens of Bayon School for consumption of 6 weeks until COVID19 contained.

The culture of sharing and caring has been integrated deeply in Cambodian society where Somdach Techo Hun Sen has always taken leadership and being role model on such charity. https://web.facebook.com/amrurice/posts/1267751540081223

10 July 2020: Signing ceremony on the “Contract farming of Sustainable Rice Production (SRP) between AMRU Rice and 8 Agricultural Cooperatives in Battambang Province”


13 August 2020: The signing ceremony on contract farming of Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) production between AMRU Rice (Cambodia) company and 22 Agricultural Cooperatives (ACs)


29 September 2020: Contract Farming Signing Ceremony on Agro-Processing and Organic Rice between companies and 59 Agricultural Cooperatives in Cambodia


29 September 2020: “Mile Stone Of Sustainable Business In Rice Sector” Presented By CEO Of AMRU Rice In The 3rd ASEAN Inclusive Business Summit

On 29th September 2020, Oknha Song Saran, CEO of AMRU Rice Company, has attended as a speaker in the Virtual Event of the 3rd ASEAN Inclusive Business Summit, which is to address the challenge ahead in the inclusive business ecosystem in ASEAN. (Click here for full article)

October 2020: Amru Rice Helped Buying Wet Paddy From Farmers Amid The Emergency Flood Situation

While the floods have been continuing to inundate some provinces, apparently in Battambang province, it has caused severe damage, mostly to farmers’ rice crops.

In collaboration with the spirit of Khmer help Khmer, Amru Rice Mill in Battambang province (located in Kbal Thnal village, Kampong Preang commune, Sangke district, Battambang province) started from yesterday to help buy over wet paddy fragrant rice (SKO variety) from small farmers as much as we can and with the reasonable price. (Click here for full article)

17 October 2020: H.E Kao Thach, Director of ARDB, visited Amru Rice Mills Factory in Kampong Thom Province


18 October 2020: Amru Rice Donated 10 Tons Of Rice To 650 Families Affected By Flood In Battambang Province

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, in Ou Ta Ki Commune, Thmor Koul District, Battambang Province, Amru Rice Company, through the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), donated 10 tons of rice to 650 families affected by flood. The donation ceremony was attended by Oknha Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice and President of the CRF. (Click here for full article)

05 November 2020: Congratulations On Successfully Certified Of Organic Rice Samples From Quality Lab Test

Amru Rice is delighted to announce that the organic rice samples collecting from rice field of the 6 Agricultural Cooperatives (ACs) in Koh Nhek district, Mondulkiri provinces are successfully certified as organic standard. The 6 ACs has been contracted with Amru Rice to supply the organic rice, in which the varieties including Pka Rumdoul, Red Jasmine, and premium white rice (Neang Ok, Neang Om). The 6 ACs have a total of 144 members, with the rice cultivation area of ​​791 hectares, and the expected yield will be 2,375 tons in this November. (Click here for full article)

12 November 2020: Amru Plans To Buy Organic Rice Paddy From Agricultural Cooperatives In Preah Vihear Province In The Amount Of 15000 Tons

On November 12, 2020, in Preah Vihear Province, as agreed on the price negotiation earlier this week, Amru Rice Company started to buy organic rice from ACs according to the contract and the agreed price negotiated with the representatives of ACs signing the contract farming with the company.

In 2020, Amru Rice plans to buy about 15,000 tonnes of organic rice, Phkar Romduol and white rice. Amru Rice offers the premium price to farmers who grow organic rice, where they get an additional 15% to 30% or at least value-added between 170 To 250 riel per kilogram above the market price in the local area. It’s mean that farmers will get more income from organic rice than the conventional rice. For Organic Pka Romdoul variety, Amru offers price in between 1270 Riles to 1550 Riels per kilogram. (Click here for full article)

13 November 2020: Awareness And Orientation Workshop To Rice Mill Partners And Relevant Employees On Food Safety, Social Compliance, Environmental Protection And Well-Being Of All Stakeholders

On Friday morning of November 13th, 2020, Amru Rice has conducted awareness and orientation workshop to rice mill partners and relevant employees on food safety, social compliance, environmental protection and well-being of all stakeholders.

This training course responds to the Amru Rice’s consent to adhere to the working principles set out in the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, which, in general, the BSCI focuses on Business Social Compliance Initiative. (Click here for full article)

13 November 2020: Amru Rice Donated 100 Million Riels For Buying Seed To Distribute To Famers Affected By Flood

On November 13, 2020, at the Kampong Thom’s Stadium, Oknha Song Saran, president of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), and the CRF’s secretariat staffs, have attended the event of rice seed distribution to 6650 famer’s households affected from flood, to help them in re-planting. This event is honored to have H.E Dr. Hun Manet, Deputy Commander of the Royal Cambodia Armed Forces, and the Commander of the Royal Cambodia Army, the highly presentative of Samdech Decho Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia. Each households received 100kg of rice seed, money, and others necessary needs. (Click here for full article)

13 November 2020: Australian Ambassador Visited Amru Rice Mill Factory In Kampong Thom Province

Amru Rice is honored and delighted of the visit of H.E Pablo Kang, Australian Ambassador to Cambodia in the morning of Friday November 13, 2020 at Kampong Thom Rice Mill Factory.

Mr. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice Company, has warmly welcomed H.E Pablo Kang, Mr. Gary Ellem and team leader of Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program (CAVAC) with his colleagues by introducing to the production line of Amru rice mill that follows the standard and modernization with latest start of the art technology. (Click here for full article)

13 November 2020: Organic Rice Harvesting Field Visit In Preah Vihear Province

On November 13, 2020, Mr. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice and the President of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) have visited the organic rice field of Samaki Rung Reoung Agricultural Cooperative, in Roveang District, Preah Vihear Province, to observe the Pka Rumdul organic harvested. (Click here for full article)

December 2020: First Rice Mill In Cambodia To Pilot Using The Solar Energy System At Warehouse

Amru Rice will begin piloting the use of solar energy in its warehouses, the first time ever in Cambodia that the rice mill has been equipped with the solar energy system.

The piloting of this solar energy system will be conducted soon at the Emru rice mill located in Bos Veng village, Sala Visay commune, Prasat Balang district, Kampong Thom province. The solar system is installed on the roof of the paddy warehouse on the coverage area of ​​more than 10 hectares with a capacity of 262 kilowatts peak (KWP). (Click here for full article)

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