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Organic paddy purchasing from agricultural cooperatives in Koh Nhek District, Mundulkiri Province

After the successful organic quality inspection, now the organic rice harvest season has arrived. These organic rice are planted by six ACs in Koh Nhek district, Mondulkiri province, that have signed the contract farming to supply 2,373 tons of organic rice to Amru Rice Company.

The potential of organic rice market is indeed on a sustainable path including the profit, and market. For instance, 90% of the organic rice are exported to international markets. At the same time, farmers who grow organic rice will get the premium price, which is the value added between 170 to 250 riel per kilogram, at least above the market price in the local area where traders buying directly from them. It’s mean that farmers will get more income from organic rice than the conventional rice. The price of jasmine organic rice that Amru Rice agreed to buy from ACs is between 1,200 riel and 1,500 riel per kilogram (at the field price).

Amru Rice is very delighted for the good harvest yield and quality of organic rice production of all ACs in Koh Nhek district, as these areas weren’t affected from flood or drought. Amru Rice continue to be committed buying more paddies from ACs until end of this harvest season.

The Organic rice project of Amru Rice is one of the projects under the Rice TechCambodia (RTC). Rice TechCambodia (RTC) is a public-private initiative with the aim to enhance the organic rice value chain in Cambodia leading to inclusive growth for small scale rice farmers. The partners involved in Rice TechCambodia include Sano Rice, Amru Rice, and Oxfam in Cambodia, Development and Partnership in Action (DPA), Larive International, and the Provincial Department of Agriculture of Mondulkiri. This project is getting support in the grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (NEA) under the framework of “Social Development Goals Partnership Facility” (SDGP).

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