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Amru Rice helped buying wet paddy from farmers amid the emergency flood situation

While the floods have been continuing to inundate some provinces, apparently in Battambang province, it has caused severe damage, mostly to farmers’ rice crops.

In collaboration with the spirit of Khmer help Khmer, Amru Rice Mill in Battambang province (located in Kbal Thnal village, Kampong Preang commune, Sangke district, Battambang province) started from yesterday to help buy over wet paddy fragrant rice (SKO variety) from small farmers, weighing about 80 tons. In term of price, it depends on the actual condition of the paddy, that it can be in the range of 900 Riel to 1130 Riel, which varies depending on the quality (No. 1 quality=1130 Riel, No. 2 = 1030 riel, No. 3 = 950 Riel, and No. 4 = 900 Riel).

The price depends on the level of quality, in which wet rice submerged in water, cause the weight very heavy, and the quality also varies according to the actual situation. Thus, the overall loss can be estimated in around 20% to 30%.

It should be noted that in addition to buying from farmers, Amru also help buy paddy from the Agriculture Cooperatives (ACs) and from other traders, for a total of about 150 tons per day.

In such an emergency, what the mill can do is afford the actual quality and affordability, even if the purchase may incur losses.

“Most millers are not profitable in this situation, according to the international market price, it’s currently declining, but the rice mills are still helping to buy over wet paddy from farmers at a reasonable price. He also thanks many mills and companies that continue to buy paddy from farmers in this difficult situation.”

Oknha Song Saran, CEO of AMRU Rice and President of CRF

“Farmers are very happy that the mill has helped to buy their paddy, because the rains continue and the floods do not subside. On the other hand, it is very difficult for them to dry the harvested paddy because there is not enough daylight, and if the paddies are harvested, there is no place to store it, because the floods are already everywhere in the village.”

Mr. Khy Chhayvath, General Manager of Amru Rice Mill in Battambang Province

Amru Rice will continue to help buy paddy from small farmers base on the affordability, quality, and at the affordable prices.

Farmers located near the factory can contact the factory through the phone number of Mr. Khy Chhayvath directly 077 92 93 93.

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