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Promoting Sustainable Rice Platform as quality standards among farmers

Last June 20, 2017, AMRU and the International Finance Corporation signed off on a three year project to implement the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) standards and practices in the company’s supply chain in Cambodia.

The IFC is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group and the largest multilateral provider of financing for private enterprise in developing countries. This initiative aims to improve the competitiveness, build an enabling environment for the agribusiness sector, and facilitate more and higher value Cambodian agricultural exports.

The partnership will train and coach at least 2,000 contracted farmers in AMRU’s supply chain in Kampong Cham Province and equip them to implement SRP standards and practices. By adopting the SRP standards, AMRU Rice will be equipped to meet the requirements of international buyers and respond to global market trends of sourcing rice products in a more sustainable manner.

“IFC brings in significant global experience of delivering knowledge and expertise in agriculture to help businesses grow sustainably and improve farmers’ livelihoods,” 

says Song Saran, AMRU Rice’s CEO.
Sustainable Rice Platform Event 20 June 2017

“Adding SRP rice fits our strategy of expanding into a niche market with higher value and sustainable products. IFC plays a significant role in influencing the course of private sector development. Our partnership with them shall set a good example—of demonstrating the rewards of social investing in challenging markets.”

AMRU signed farming contracts that ensures a ready market for four Agricultural Cooperatives that will produce 7,226 tons of SRP rice of both fragrant rice and white rice varieties. This will benefit 718 SRP farmers in 2, 130 hectares in two Districts in Kampong Cham Province. 

The project will enhance farmer’s capacity produce rice within the SRP standards and practices and to manage a sustainable rice supply chain. Training will be enable them to Increase profitability and Productivity, enhance their resilience against soil degradation as climate change adaptation, promote sustainable agriculture innovation, enhance women’s empowerment and improve extension services among local agronomists. The SRP is a sustainability standard supported by the United Nations and the International Rice Research Institute. It aims to promote resource efficiency and sustainability in trade flows, production and consumption operations, and supply chains. The SRP global multi-stakeholder alliance included AMRU as founding member in Cambodia since 2015.

“In my view, the successful companies of the future will be those whose business is shaped by the personal needs of its consumers and the personal values of those that works hard to make these products. The best people want to work with a company whose values they share, where their actions count and their views matter. This is the ethics that underlie AMRU’s operations.”

Song Saran, AMRU’s Chairman, said, 

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